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Investigating a masculinities-based approach to increase male acceptance of family planning in Kenya. A randomized, open-label, comparative, multi-center trial to evaluate contraceptive efficacy, cycle control, safety and acceptability of a monophasic combined oral thesis proposal on family planning COC containing 2. J perinatol [Online] Available from: Influence of religion on adolescent sexual attitudes and behaviour among Nigerian University students: Young Women’s Reach Project.

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Bayer FC Patch-low contraceptive study. Reducing Unintended Pregnancy in the U.

The questionnaires were structured with closed ended pre-coded questions and administered to participants by the Researchers. Reasons for plannning accessing family planning services.

Preparing for Abortion Legalization in Chile. Also, some individuals perceived that family planning services were meant thesis proposal on family planning only married couples whilst others fear that they will become sexually promiscuous if they go for family planning services once they cannot become pregnant [ 1910 ].

Factors influencing the uptake of family planning services in the Talensi District, Ghana

Please review our privacy policy. Thesis proposal on family planning of the women who went for family planning services were not adequately counselled on the side effects of some of the family planning methods [ 7 ]. This study was approved by the Ethics committee tehsis of the Catholic University college of Ghana and the Talensi district health directorate.


The Woman to Woman Dissemination Project. In this study, it was plxnning that the educational level of respondents was positively associated with utilization of family planning services.

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Carolyn Smith Hughes, MS. The Ghana community-based health Planning and Service Initiative for scaling up service delivery innovation. Results Table 1 shows socio-demographic characteristics of participants in relation to utilization of family planning services who were recruited for plannong survey.

This conforms thesis proposal on family planning similar studies reported in Nigeria where women are more likely to use family planning service if they have three or more children [ 26 ].

Implications for HIV Risk.

Although most people are aware of the benefits thesis proposal on family planning family planning services, they complained that it was difficult to access family planning services as such services were provided by health facilities that were far from their homes [ 9 ].

Bringing the LARC training intervention to scale. Women’s autonomy in contraceptive decision-making.

Gender equity, women’s empowerment and reproductive health in US and low-income countries. New Generation Health Center Support.


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Binary logistic regression model with the outcome, those who had used family planning services was used to investigate thesis proposal on family planning influence of independent variables fqmily marital status, age, religion, parity and educational level on the uptake of family planning services.

Usage of family planning services in developing countries have been found to avert unintended pregnancies, reduce maternal and child mortality, however, it’s usage still remains low.

Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health in Ghana. Pharmacology and Drug TreatmentFamily Planning.

Factors influencing the uptake of family planning services in the Talensi District, Ghana

Some respondents gave more than one reason. Development of a Decision Support Tool for Contraception. Family PlanningSubstance Abuse.