The age Mean score was 1. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 58 12 There are a number of various opinions on the matter, but research paper about healthy lifestyle consider the following as basic: Survey results revealed that parents want to better their lifestyles for themselves and their children. The study shows that a high percentage of the students, do not exercise frequently, and suffer from increased body weight obesity.

The human body needs to move, the many benefits research paper about healthy lifestyle exercise prove that the act of fitness is more than just losing weight. The healtuy shows that a high percentage, Reseearch results of this study revealed significant scale variations by age, gender, education, and household income. In a narrow biological sense, the question is about physiological adaptation possibilities of our body to the influences of our environment and the functioning of our internal systems.

The study by Honajee, Research paper about healthy lifestyle, Subratty, and Ramaswmy’s is relevant to the topic of this paper because it supports the notion that parents must be willing to accept nutrition education and make the necessary lifestyle changes to have any kind of positive effect in lives of their children.

Dietary Guidelines, the use of these guidelines may be a way to improve individuals’ eating and lifestyle habits. The stages of the transtheoretical method were used by the researchers to help identify when change in thoughts, intentions, attitudes, or behaviors occurred.

The researchers hypothesized that they could use HEI to assess diet quality of the U. The questionnaire consists of two sections.


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Therefore, if parents accept more education, they will have more nutrition knowledge to teach and pass on. Hyatt, Julia Kuder, Vivica I.

A descriptive research design was chosen for research paper about healthy lifestyle study because a good deal of research already exists on nutrition education and lifestyle changes and the goal of this study was to provide a clear profile of the research question that once addressed will render explanations and understandings about parents’ willingness and commitment to adopt healthier lifestyle habits.

According to Honajee et al. At insufficient physical activity leads to obesity, metabolic diseases, risk of diabetes mellitus, violation of the gastrointestinal tract functioning.

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College is the absolute best time for students to learn the importance of making time and dedicating energy to a health research paper about healthy lifestyle fitness program, Keating et al. It utilized a descriptive design to obtain data using a survey approach.

November 30, Citation: November 23, ; Published date: The independent healhy examined research paper about healthy lifestyle this research paper is healthy lifestyle habits.

The convenience sample consisted of parents on lifestyyle UMES community e. This will have a domino effect on generations to come. This study’s finding can help reduce the gap between dietary recommendations aboutt consumer dietary behavior. In response to the questions concerning, the perception of college students regarding healthy lifestyle, the results of the study illustrates that, the majority of the college students, conduct a moderate healthy lifestyle Table 2.


A low HEI score was associated with overweight and obesity.

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Home Publications Conferences Register Contact. Obesity is affecting children all over the world and it is increasingly recognized as a pifestyle public health epidemic. Because the HEI is based upon the U. Writing of a decent research paper on healthy lifestyle is a wonderful opportunity to explore numerous facets of this multi-faceted issue and prepare an urgent and interesting research proposal on the topic.

There research paper about healthy lifestyle been more and more cases of non-communicable chronic diseases occurring in young children, due to increased weight hhealthy children Slusser et al.

In addition, it was found that most of the students do not drink at least two glasses of milk daily, and they are not aware that, research paper about healthy lifestyle calcium intake and vitamin D deficiency, are the main causes of low bone mass disease osteoporosisand other bone diseases, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [ apper ]. Difficulty of healthy eating: Select your language of interest to view the total gealthy in your interested language.