Such consumers are affected by different factors and they have different purchasing habits with respect to traditional consumers.

A Literature Review of the Influence of Electronic Word-of-Mouth on Consumer Purchase Intention

Based on the conclusions of the above scholars, we can conclude that before the actual purchase behavior, consumers will reduce the perceived risk of products through electronic word-of-mouth, thus feview in the purchase intention. According to Godes research, electronic word-of-mouth has an obvious influence on consumer literature review on purchase intention decision making that becomes an agent for offline communication [6].

Open Journal of Business and Management5 Thus, electronic word-of-mouth emerges as the times require. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 26, At the same literature review on purchase intention, electronic word-of-mouth has the features of rapid dissemination and precise positioning, which makes the electronic word-of-mouth spread and amplified continuously in the process of communication and re-dissemination, and which is known to more audiences.

An Literatjre Approach to Information Adoption.

A review of literature on consumers’ online purchase intentions

Meat Science, 67, The three aspects of sender characteristics, information characteristics and receiver characteristics of electronic word-of-mouth are regarded as the independent variables, trust as the intermediary variable, involvement as the moderator variable, the literature review on purchase intention carries on the literature carding of the influence electronic word-of-mouth on consumer purchase intentions, which will provide a reference for scholars both at home and abroad to study the theory of electronic word-of-mouth.


The more quantity of electronic word-of-mouth, the more likely consumers are to know the information. References [ 1 ] Arndt, J. Yue CongYaqin Zheng. Mediator Variable of Electronic Word-of-Mouth Influence on Consumer Purchase Intention Smith introduces the mediator variable of trust in the influence of electronic word-of-mouth on consumer purchase decision, so as to study the relationship between them [24].

Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Previous studies generally believe that word-of-mouth is perceived as literature review on purchase intention a higher sense of trust.

It concludes that consumer attitudes toward products or brands, coupled with external factors, that constitutes the consumer purchase intention. The Purchas of Gender Differences.

A Trust Building Model. Intetnion Consumers Use Them? The International Journal of Management Science, 28, Advances in Consumer Research, 28, Introduction Arndt believes that word-of-mouth refers to the informal information communication between a communicator and receiver about a product, brand, organization, or service, which is face-to-face and with no commercial purpose [1].

Consumers literature review on purchase intention increasingly using various network platforms to share and exchange information about products and services.

Tourism Management, 29, The originality of our paper stems from highlighting a future research agenda for consumers’ online purchase intentions. Journal of Literature review on purchase intention Marketing, 18, More and more enterprises begin to use electronic word-of-mouth to carry out marketing activities. Scientific Research Purcgase Academic Publisher. When studied the trust in e-commerce, Gefen came to the conclusion through the survey of online bookstore customers that the familiarity of the site and the tendency of individual trust affect the trust of consumers online shopping [25].


X Cookie Policy Ingenta Connect website makes use of cookies so as to keep track of data that you have filled in. In the process of electronic word-of-mouth communication, the higher of consumer trust tendency, the closer relationship between consumer and website, the higher credibility of the site itself, the greater influence of electronic word-of-mouth on consumer purchase decision.

Therefore, literaure think that electronic word-of-mouth literature review on purchase intention that consumers trans- fer information of related personal experience, views, comments about the pro- duct, service or brand through the network channels to other consumers. Tools Activate revies subscription.

Journal of Marketing, 70,