Suggestions for drawing activities suitable for use during induction periods: At the same time, as described above, visual formats are being introduced in other disciplines, but students can be unsure how to approach such unfamiliar tasks, and staff may lack experience in setting appropriate tasks or marking them fairly and rigorously A final report and new resources for staff learnhigher oral communication literature review students will be available through this website.

It enables undergraduate students to clarify their own understanding of scientific concepts and processes by making freehand drawings to explain these concepts to non-experts. Here are some useful starting points, mainly web-based resources. Do you have learning and teaching resources to share?

Details of all current and completed projects can be accessed through the links below. The University of Brighton had lead responsibility for the Visual Practices learning area.

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Meanwhile, literatue of related individual projects include:. The rationale for the project is twofold. This page is mainly aimed at teaching staff, so we thought it would be helpful to bring all the current links to student resources together here.

Develop a set of multimedia resources for staff and students, informed by this research, to support the use of specific assessment tasks. Web projects in undergraduate history of science.

Effective communication Advice on how to communicate effectively, particularly in a group working environment. Illustrates examples of different concept map formats for representing different kinds of information. Students are invited to examine a sequence of fifteen prints, complete a short exercise, review the print set a second rfview, and then complete a second exercise.


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This resource is based on selected woodblock prints from a famous 19th century series by the Japanese artist Hiroshige. Falmer Rose, G.

In some subjects, such as art and design, media studies or architecture, practical visual production is a central part of any degree and is assessed in a number of ways, most commonly through the medium of the studio ‘crit’ where students display their learnhigher oral communication literature review for discussion and critique by tutors and peers.

The skills necessary to identify details of images are included in many disciplines; for example, careful observation is essential to scientific inquiry.

Drawing to Learn Booklets These booklets support the use of drawing learnhigher oral communication literature review higher education, each addressed to a broad cluster of disciplines. These will also be useful to anyone attempting to explore the visual aspects of learning in other disciplines, as will some school-based educational visual research methods. Social Research Update Issue This is followed by discussion of the implications for observation and analysis of visual materials of all kinds.

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Visual methods in social research. Learning Development Research Literature reviews Useful websites Other materials Research articles and project reports Books and journals. A sourcebook for qualitative researchers. Drawing Activities for Induction. Six steps to success A presentation outlining a whole new approach to successful study.


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Many of these come from the US and Australia where learnhigher oral communication literature review appears to be more sustained interest in supporting visual literacy in schools, so I’ve included some resources aimed at school teachers or children where they would also be helpful for university students. Join a nationwide network of over learning developers and amplify laernhigher resources with Learn higher.

You are welcome to link to them, use them and adapt them if necessary for your students, but please acknowledge Learn higher as authors. From now until 31st July This article contains useful advice though technical references are ocmmunication somewhat outdated particularly on assessment issues.

Academic writing Report writing Referencing. These drawings are also used as assessment tools. Among the many potential functions of drawing, the most common include: Drawing and learnhigher oral communication literature review visual methods such as collage have an important role to play in every discipline, not just those such as art and design with which they are usually associated.