There was an error with your request. People were expected to say exactly why they wanted to work for Goldman rather than, say, J. Applying for a scholarship?

I’m almost certain you would be a terrible employee just by the quality of the work you sent me in a cold email. By comparison, Le says the worst banking cover letters suffer from key-word stuffing, irrelevant information and spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Your goal for your cover letter isn’t to single-handedly land you an interview with your eloquence and grandiose; it’s to check the box and make sure it’s proper enough that it example of cover letter investment banking get you dinged. If you’re a student applying for a first job, this is why ivnestment need to explain why you want this job and why you want to work in this sector.

The more senior you are, the more you will need to reference solid strategy points at this stage.

The investment banking cover letter that will get you a job

If you have mistakes in it or make outrageous claims, your cover letter will be circulated and laughed at. Explore company projects on MindSumo. It also helps to reference the bank’s strategy, to mention any awards the bank won, and to cite any conversations you’ve cofer with or comments you’ve read from example of cover letter investment banking industry professionals and analysts who’ve given concrete reasons why it’s good place to work.


Again, you need to be specific.

Investment Banking Cover Letter – Complete Guide and Template

It seems the bad luck streak started in utero, if you ask me. I am also planning on attending law school after my master’s program, which we spoke about in New York.

If you’re an experienced hire applying through example of cover letter investment banking recruiter or applying directly to a bank, this is where you explain why you want the job you’re applying for. The truth is I have no bankingg special skills or genius eccentricities, but I do have a near perfect GPA and will work hard for you. Recent Jobs See all. My cash colleagues are getting me down Safe small-talk when you work in banking.

Other than that, there shouldn’t be any template for cover letters, I don’t think. The answer to your question is 1 network 2 get involved 3 beef up your resume 4 repeat -happypantsmcgee WSO is not your lettrr search function. Show that you know their strategy and that you agree with the way they’re addressing challenges.

Use this introductory paragraph to address them in person. I am extremely interested in investment banking and would love nothing more than to learn under your tutelage. Who wants to hire someone who’s unlucky? Enter a valid email address. Investmeent more cover letters I have no qualms about fetching coffee, shining shoes, or picking up laundry, and will work for next to nothing.


If you are not getting interviews it likely isn’t the bahking of your cover letter or resume that is is the problem, it is if content.

Be confident, but no bragging. It’s here that you can add in some of the narrative explaining how you came to apply for this role, plus some of the substantiating figures that Le says make successful cover letters so effective.

Cober suggests your template follows the following format: I am available for interview and contactable by X. Before you start sending CVs and resumes for banking jobs example of cover letter investment banking any preamble whatsoever, though, it’s worth bearing in mind that there are example of cover letter investment banking situations in which cover letters can make all the difference.

Everything important should be in your CV, whilst you can use the cover letter to highlight the best parts of your CV. Members that upload a resume get 2. Avoid excuses, more on this later.