ESL Teacher Cover Letter

My resume will show you that I have taught students and adults interested in learning English. I also have the skills to teach these example cover letter esl teacher how to understand what the words mean when someone is speaking to them in English. Try using clean, sleek fonts like Calibri, Arial, or Verdana to give a more tightened-up presentation. When she’s not working with the ITA team spreading the word about teaching and traveling abroad, Lynda enjoys taking in a new film, eating dumplings, and of course, snuggling with her beloved kitty, Sooty.

ESL Instructor Cover Letter Sample

Typical job duties of an ESL Teacher include organizing classroom activities, delivering lessons, administering example cover letter esl teacher, assigning homework, providing feedback to students, helping to organize social activities, promoting language school services, and maintaining student records. It is addressed properly, contains up-to-date contact information, and matches the eel. Your Cover Letter, Made Easy.

Example cover letter esl teacher of thought and expression with conciseness and preciseness must shine throughout on the job application. A cover letter is typically one page in length and explains to your potential employer why you are an ideal candidate example cover letter esl teacher the job. And to help them, it is necessary that we should meet at your convenient time.

I know which textbooks to use for the best results and I am familiar with a variety of training videos that can help teach, based on the specific needs of the students. If you are American, then list that you have an American accent.


Save your cover letter as your last name, first name, online school name, and then what the file is. Looking for Graduate School Test Prep? They often work with immigrants and help them understand their new language and integrate more easily into an English-speaking country. These are all great points to make to showcase teaching skills and show a school what she can provide them with. Application Letter Review this English as a Second Language Teacher cover letter sample which includes all the right sections and information that should be included in any strong cover letter.

ESL Teacher Cover Letter for Resume

Furthermore, my specialty also lies in maintaining students’ records precisely. Ask below and we’ll reply! Example cover letter esl teacher can exammple a speed test and link to it to show your speed results. Please feel free to contact me at or jon.

Cover letters are usually boring, bland and if you’re anything like a majority of the job-seeking market, you send the same one around to every company you apply to Please call me any time you are free.

A common error that many teachers make when applying to teach English online is sending a generic cover letter. Saving Your Cover Letter. Posted by Rebecca Safier May 19, 4: From that page, you can review testimonials and frequently asked questions.


Score on SAT Math. You should also highlight any previous experience you have teaching Letrer as a second language, as well as your desire to provide your students with a quality educational experience and your commitment to professionalism.

I taught ESL to beginner, intermediate, and advanced students of various example cover letter esl teacher and linguistic backgrounds in Madrid for one year.

Great — you have your cover letter all sorted, now you need to get your resume in order. Ask a Question Below Have any questions about this article or other topics? As a teaching professional, example cover letter esl teacher have to present a great example of your communication skills.

An accomplished traveler she’s visited 35 example cover letter esl teacher Thank you for your time and consideration. Times New Roman is commonly viewed as a classic resume font, but it is also dated and can be considered boring. Lrtter will follow up to request an appointment to discuss how my experience and background meets your needs.