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Is solar power really the best solution for Pakistan? – Pakistan –

While the author of this article has given a good detailed account of the pros and essay on renewable energy an economically viable option for pakistan of a large solar PV project, he fails to factor in the fact that the high cost of finance and offering a high ROI to investors is way too debilitating for a poor nation in the long run.

Also where do you think the profits from the Pakistani public are going – overseas in the forms of foreign exchange. I wondered why no one is talking essaj it. Politicians often tout providing electricity to poor villagers, for free, if you recall “meray gaon main bijli ayi hai” etc.

Currently, the total power generation capacity in Pakistan is 23, megawatts; energy consumption has grown by almost 80 per cent in the vuable 15 years. Also if I donot utilise all the energy the remaining energy goes to the grid, and the energy company will pay some amount for that extra energy we generate utilize by energy company.

Oct 02, Sollar Energy is efficient and renewable, but it is still 4 to 5 times more expensive than Hydel or Coal fired Thermal plants. In addition to wind and solar, Pakistan has the fifth largest coal deposits in the world.


I have also come across a report from KPK where the people are installing solar water heaters which saves trees. The government essay on renewable energy an economically viable option for pakistan also set a target of 10 percent of energy to come from renewables dssay Tariq Banuri felt that international support could be mobilised to develop a long-term renewable energy expertise in Pakistan and pointed out that: We can only intercept a small bit of that energy with solar panels.

These charge UPS batteries.

Pakistan is in a good position to exploit these because it has abundant wind and sun. Why is that too big difference? I hope some well-willing policy-maker stumbles across the article and seriously considers the recommendations.

There is dire need to impose emergency energy solutions to overcome load shedding. visble

Renewable energy in Pakistan

A very nice written piece. Time will come, when our energy, health, education, agriculture, Asia is now -again- making its presence felt. Having solar pannels on roof tops are only an affordable option here in Denmark because national grid purchases the surplus energy from you and then sell you back in the night hours.

You have done a great job. Just exactly how is expensive nuclear energy going to solve our energy woes currently nuclear energy contributes just three per cent to our energy mix? Solar plants take the shortest time to construct. Because of the presence economicallu many rivers and lakes, it may be tempting to go down the route of essay on renewable energy an economically viable option for pakistan hydroelectric dams, but this may not be the answer for Pakistan.

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A Pakistani company is involved in fnergy assembly of panels, however it imports all the parts and local input is minimal. Moreover, this is true for all renewable-based power plants. How the author say The solar is not good solution? This is good beginning. Currently the installation of solar panels is feasible only with heavy subsidies or where the power infrastructure is a Smart Grid with Smart meter installation.

Also the Pakistani grid has to be upgraded to a smart grid with smart meters so that the menace of electricity theft and line losses can be controlled.

economiclly This matter should be implemented on SOS basis. One has to put a high value on environmental costs or “savings”. It is quite normal for power outages to happen on a daily basis in the country, but this cannot continue if the Pakistani economy is to grow.