These include corruption, lack of technical expertise and political will, and interprovincial conflicts. Ensuring the security, would attract investment in the respective areas which would subsequently guarantee the inflow of capital in the national economy and the resource potential could be fully exploited.

Pakistan Rich in Natural Resources But Poor in their Management

Hence, such education should be made compulsory for the people in concerned areas of naturap. This irrigation system is supported by a well-established network of canals and sub-canals.

The shortfall of electricity reaches at MW which badly affected industry, eventually leading to decreased exports and diminished economic activity. But instead of exploiting own resources for economic independence, country has been dependent on foreign aid. Natural resource management is a discipline with a particular focus on how management affects the quality of life for both present and future generations.


Military intervention has been very rampant in Pakistan. Had these resources been properly managed, this country would have been one of the richest economies of world. On other hand, fishing industry has an important role to play in national mis,anagement of Pakistan.

Unemployed youth remain highly prone to several social ills such as terrorism and extremism. Pakistan is blessed with huge quantity of resourxes but lags in management. Besides, the geography of Pakistan enriches it with the renewable energy resources.


Secondly, the anti-corruption agencies particularly the national accountability bureau, are highly inefficient. Copper and gold resources.

PTI govt has nothing to do with hike in power tariff: Though it is not enough to meet the needs, it can save considerable outflow of paklstan. The volatile situation in Balochistan is harmful to the exploitation of resources. The political instability has been the main cause of such mayhem. Only 33 percent of around 20, MW generation capacity is produced from this resource which has the potential of producing 40, MW.

Natural Resources of Pakistan and Poor Management

However, the daunting challenges and the mounting public pressure caused due to awareness of civil society are increasingly influencing the political decision making. Why the people of Pakistan are wondering about for job employment? Besides the inefficient anti-corruption agencies, the role of judiciary in bringing ;akistan corrupt monsters to book, is not encouraging.

However, efficient essay natural resources of pakistan and its mismanagement of these resources is vital to achieve prosperity of nation. The energy deficit is badly affecting the industry in country but no any serious initiative is taken for electricity production from coal.

Causes of Pakistan Backwardness. The most important of the natural resources in this globalized world is human resource. The financial and economic crisis is fundamentally a management crisis. Properly managed natural nautral can become instrumental in national income and its growth.


Pakistan is the sixth most populous country in the world having large share of ‘young population’ i.

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Instead, essay natural resources of pakistan and its mismanagement been bleak picture of economy and undesirable image outside due to the chronic flaws in vision and policies. Saturday, November 24, Originally Posted by nisha cute My second and detailed essay On the other hand, the politicians, policy makers and all the stake holders must adopt a rational approach not to politicize natural resources.

The pragmatic approach and policy direction can help the country to be able to rely on its own resources instead of dependency.