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Basketball robots and flying cops. Racists call him racist. Ranting Ryanair passenger denies being racist. Success for Japanese skill-sharing app.

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Karate star fights for sport's recognition. Democrats probing Trump tax returns would show if 'Kavanaugh worod was worth it'. Nigeria's elections will be a battle between youth and the old order. The story of the F1 season so far.

Kroger shooting leaves 2 people dead in Kentucky. Trump on journalist's death: Powerball winning numbers are Shaking hand of Khashoggi's son may backfire. F1 drivers racing like they're in 'rental cars'.

There is nwws information about a potential motive for the attack. Prince Harry, Meghan's plane aborts landing. Prince Harry's and Meghan Markle's royal tour. Prince Charles Fast Facts.

Has Megyn Kelly broadcast her last show on NBC? - CNN

Melania Trump won't join her husband on the campaign trail. This could be 40X better. Julian Assange Fast Facts. Tokyo designers go beyond 'kawaii'. This is the world's oldest intact shipwreck. Titanic II could sail as soon as Why rising bond yields are spooking stocks.

From 'Lyin' Ted,' to 'Beautiful Ted'. Iowa trip offers glimpse of Kamala Harris' plans forconnection with women.

Trump attacks CNN days after suspected bomb mailed to network's offices

The world's worst cities for rush hour traffic. Inside the chaos at Mexico's border. This is the world's cnnn intact shipwreck. Dozens of breakfast foods test positive for weed killer. Removing bin Salman is something some Saudis fear. How you can honor Bourdain's legacy. How Instagram can make or break a restaurant. More of the latest stories. A timeline of when the bombs were found.

They're refugees, not illegal immigrants.

Judge chases after inmates attempting escape. Ethiopia appoints its first female president. The caravan's journey, in photos. Feds focus on Florida as suspected origin of some of the mail bombs sent to prominent Democrats and others: Police are continuing to investigate.



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