Pre-Major — A designation for undergraduate students pursuing a non-impacted major. Do fee waivers expire? To remove a program, first navigate to the Add Programs tab and select the desired program s. These transcripts will be sent directly to the campus es you are esday to. Each unit of A in an honors course will receive a total of 5 points; B, 4 points; and C, 3 points.

The essay is still not required nor is it recommended for applicants. california state university application essay prompt

Do you want to teach kindergarten, pprompt school, high school, or special education? Then navigate to the Submit Application tab and remove the undesired program s. Why can’t I find the program I want to apply for? Am I required to list 7 th and 8 th grade coursework? California Resident Minimum Eligibility Index.

You should list these courses twice.

Division of Student Affairs

Selected from the above areas or other approved “a-g” courses. Earn a qualifying eligibility index.

As you complete your application, you will answer several questions that automatically calculate a fee waiver. These activities support the University in achieving optimal enrollment representation including ethnicity, gender, age and regional diversity. You may receive bonus points for each C or universityy in approved honors or AP courses. We are no longer accepting appeals.


Enter the full credit value of the transfer Grade: Learn more about Impaction by visiting our Impaction page. Please note that you can’t make any changes to previously submitted information.

How can I submit those? General Information Appplication Enter the test and an abbreviated subject Title: Apply for Financial Aid. To be considered california state university application essay prompt admission as a first-time freshman, you must meet all the standard CSU admission criteria below: Be sure to report the correct social security number on your application for admission so the Financial Aid Office can download your FAFSA with no delays!

What if I attended a high school that has both quarter and semester term types?

Cal State Apply Quick Start Information and FAQs – Liaison International

Your application must always have at least one program listed. A first-time freshman applicant is someone who is currently attending califorina school and will earn or has earned a high school diploma, but has not earned any college units beyond the pfompt following graduation. Complete each of the college preparatory subject requirements a-g course list with a grade of C- or better:.


Face-to-face means the program requires that you complete your courses on campus; online means that you complete the majority if not all of the courses online; cwlifornia hybrid means that you do a combination of both. The original grade will be counted in your GPA california state university application essay prompt a new grade is earned.

Check out the Freshman Coursework Entry Guide. All admission requirements must be met by the end of Spring for Fall admission.

A transfer applicant is someone who has studied at another college or university and now wants to transfer to the California State University.